How to setup a Masternode

This is a complete guide to setting up a Masternode for Infinex Coin.  The method employed is to use a cold Windows wallet together with a hot Ubuntu Linux VPS.  The reason is so that your coin will be safe in your Windows wallet and the VPS side will not contain any coins.


What you will need (recommended)


1.  Download the latest windows Infinex wallet from here.

2.  Get 1000 IFX coins (you can get 1 more coin to cover transaction fee)

3.  Download Putty (


Getting started


  • Get an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

  • Install Putty on your windows client machine and open it

  • When prompted for username, input "root"

  • When prompted for password, use the initial password provided by the VPS provider

  • Next, get the Infinex auto install script & run it by copying the entire command below:

wget -O - | bash

  • Go to Putty and paste (right click mouse button) and hit Enter

  • Wait for around 30 minutes - 1 hour time for installation to complete

  • At the end of the script, it would generate the Masternode private key for you

  • Copy the key and paste into a notepad




  • On the windows client (your PC or laptop), extract downloaded Infinex windows wallet

  • Run the wallet (infinex-qt.exe)

  • Wait for it to load

  • Click Options -> Wallet -> and check "Enable coin control features" & "Show Masternode tab"

  • If your coin is still in the exchange, transfer at least 1001 coins back to your windows wallet

  • Inside the windows wallet, click File -> Receiving Address

  • Click "New"

  • Put a name as label for the new address

  • Right-click the address, select and copy the address to notepad

  • When you have the 1001 coins in your wallet, click on "Send" tab

  • Paste the copied address in "Pay to:"

  • Key in amount "1000" (have to be exact)

  • Click "Send" button




  • Once you have the 1000 coins in the new address, Click Tools -> debug console on the wallet

  • Issue the command "masternode outputs"

  • For the output, there would be one long text (transaction id) and 1 single digit at the end (output index)

  • Copy the output to notepad

  • Next, you can either type "%appdata%" on a windows file explorer or Click Tools -> open masternode config file from your wallet

  • Fill in a new line with the template as below:




  • Save & close

  • Close Windows wallet & open again

  • Wait till complete sync, click "masternodes" tab

  • Click "my masternodes"

  • Click on masternode that you want to activate

  • Click "Start alias"

  • After activating, you would see "Pre Enabled" status, wait for around 30 minutes time & it should display as "Enabled"


You are all done & wait for your first reward (around 24 hours time)!




*If there is a need to re-start the masternode, you can run the following:-


        /root/infinex/infinexd -daemon